Alcohol rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles with Johnny the Healer

Not everybody handles life’s constant challenges quickly, and people turn to alcohol to manage their difficulties.

Some choose the traditional way and go to traditional rehab centers in California. However, the treatment programs are outdated, and the chance for sober living is rather low.

Our alcohol rehab Los Angeles takes a different approach, providing unconventional addiction treatment for people struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies. At our treatment center, patients benefit from innovative treatment programs, hoping for complete recovery.

How to describe reliable alcohol rehab Los Angeles?

Many California rehab centers will ensure addiction treatment for people with various levels of drug and alcohol addiction. Your loved one will have the possibility to choose from numerous options, aiming for complete recovery.

Los Angeles rehab centers provide free, luxury, and executive care for people with substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions. Not everyone knows, but drug and alcohol addiction and alcoholism come with co-occurring mental health issues quite often. That’s why the rehabs in California need to provide dual-diagnosis as well.

Our team at the johnny the healer center includes psychologists and psychiatrists well-prepared and able to identify the mental health problems of patients with drug addiction or alcoholism. They ensure care for people struggling with depression, anxiety, job burnout, PTSD, and personalized addiction treatment.

Medical detox, professional medical supervision, and access to the latest therapies are typical for a Los Angeles treatment center. Healthy food, great amenities, and intensive care and aftercare are ideal for reliable treatment rehab facilities in Los Angeles ca.

Outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment centers?

It’s not an easy question to answer, as every patient is different. There are differences between the two categories, and a detailed description can help you choose your type of therapy.

Outpatient treatment program

As the name is a tail teller, the outpatient rehab options mean that the patient benefits from addiction treatment, but doesn’t spend the night at the addiction treatment center.

Whether it’s intensive or low-intensity outpatient rehabilitation plan, the team at Johnny the healer considers that people have to take distance from their daily life and triggers ultimately for having a real chance to complete recovery.

It’s also true that people with low drug addiction or who cannot take a break from their jobs and families may have a better shot to recovery when following intensive outpatient plans. After all, only 10% of the Californians with addiction seek professional help.

The intensive outpatient treatment program

This type of treatment is excellent as a follow-up to residential therapy. People who cannot put their family or job responsibilities on hold or dealing with drug addiction for the first time may get complete recovery with an intensive outpatient treatment program. The sessions take place in the afternoon or weeknights.

The low-intensity outpatient treatment program

The low-intensity outpatient rehab facilities are for patients looking to focus on the prevention of drug addiction or for those who have just completed treatment. This kind of therapy provides patients the care they need when handling various concerns and challenges.

Inpatient treatment

People who have been trying to quit drug addiction without success will need to select an inpatient treatment program. Our center in Los Angeles ca provide only residential treatment, as we know that patients need to focus exclusively on their recovery.

The johnny the healer center addresses to people with moderate to severe substance abuse disorder, who feel let down by the conventional treatment facilities. Our rehabilitation center in California ensures a comprehensive approach to one’s drug addiction. We go deep into the patient’s issues, trying to discover the deep roots of the addiction. Once we find the causes, we provide the care one needs to heal and learn how to live a healthy and drug-free life.

Why are inpatient treatment options a more effective solution?

For Californians with moderate and severe substance abuse disorder, who have been trying to get recovery with outpatient programs, the inpatient treatment centers in Los Angeles make the better choice. Unlike outpatient rehab options, inpatient centers like Johnny the Healer bring many good things to the table. Keep reading for the details:


Whether it’s medical or natural detox, many inpatient treatment facilities will ensure detox for their patients. Doctors and nurses monitor the patients and are ready to help if things take for a turn. At johnny the healer, we offer detox exclusively with natural substances and methods. The natural detox is gentler for the patients, whereas the withdrawal symptoms are less severe. Doctors allow patients with no mental health concerns permission for sacred plant medicine.

Unlike medical detox, natural detox at our Los Angeles treatment center for substance abuse disorder doesn’t lead to other addictions and provides long-lasting results.

Customized care

One of the many things that outpatient rehab centers cannot provide is personalized treatment. The same methods are used for different patients, even though there is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment. 

At inpatient treatment centers as johnny the healer, our team of professionals analyzes every patient, the medical history, and other information. They need to make a clear and accurate image of your addiction before creating a treatment plan for your substance abuse treatment. Customized care is specific to residential treatment centers in Los Angeles, and our center takes it a whole new level.

A comprehensive approach to addiction

Addiction is just a symptom of imbalances in one’s mind, body, or soul. At outpatient treatment centers, there’s little care for identifying the deep causes of addiction. The therapies aim to help the client manage the addiction and not to achieve complete recovery.

On the contrary, for many residential treatment rehabilitation facilities in Los Angeles ca, the professionals help the patient identify the deep roots of the substance abuse disorder. Once the causes are identified, the patients learn new and healthy ways to deal with life’s challenges. The primary purpose of our treatment rehab facility is to give patients lifetime recovery.

The comprehensive approach to addiction means that the therapies address imbalances on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Instead of outdated treatments used at outpatient rehab centers, the patients at our residential rehab in Los Angeles benefit from yoga, meditation, therapy massages, floatation therapy, HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, and more. We care for them to heal their body, mind, and soul, as that’s the solution for long-time recovery.

Healthy dieting

Patients with addiction stop eating healthy, and their bodies lack the nutrients they need for recovery. Only cold coffee and maybe some sandwiches await patients at outpatient rehab centers.

The principles of healthy dieting are fundamental and standard for many inpatient rehab facilities in Los Angeles. However, at johnny the healer, we don’t provide the gourmet meals but help the patients switch to healthy, organic, raw, and non-GMO food. Moreover, our nutritionists teach the patients about how to live a better and drug-free life after completing the program.

Amenities, accommodation&services

It has been noted that people who feel comfortable and relaxed are more open to treatment, having a better chance at complete recovery. Patients at outpatient rehab centers cannot feel as comfortable as inpatient rehab facilities.

Private rooms with private bathrooms, organic lining, access to spa and gym, are some of the many aspects making the inpatient rehab centers like johnny the healer the better choice. People feel pampered, relax, and more open to focusing exclusively on their recovery. Unlike the outpatient rehab facilities, there is always a good number of staff members watching over the patients at our inpatient treatment facility. 24/7 monitoring is provided to every patient, as we don’t take any shortcuts from care or recovery of our patients.


People choosing outpatient rehab programs will probably stick to the program for several months. At inpatient rehab facilities in Los Angeles ca such as johnny the healer, the patients establish deep and meaningful relationships with the team members. Former patients may contact us whenever they feel they’ve lost the pace of recovery.

Start your healing today!

Our alcohol rehab Los Angeles provides only the best care and treatment for people with substance abuse disorder, inpatient rehab programs. The excellent amenities, comprehensive approach to addiction, turn our residential rehab facility into reliable options. Add the experienced professionals from various areas of expertise, the innovative therapies, and our dedication, and you get to understand why you need to give us a call.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles