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Addiction Rehab with Johnny the Healer

Many people with drug or alcohol addiction have experienced treatment programs where they have been treated poorly, and they feel they deserve better. If you are interested in receiving your treatment in the most comfortable and private environment, treatment at a rehab center may be ideal.

A treatment program for addiction is different from the hospital-like settings of traditional programs with group therapy and conventional methods. In a drug rehab center, you are guaranteed all the comforts and health services you would expect at a first-class treatment center. On this page, you will learn more about what addiction rehab has to offer and whether it’s the program for your addiction treatment.

What defines a dependable addiction rehab?

Treatment centers for addiction resemble resorts with private bedrooms. They offer more than just a comfortable setting. When in a reliable rehab facility, doctors will safely withdraw you from the substance you have been using and monitor you throughout your stay, for complete recovery. They will supervise illegal substance addiction treatment and even provide health care for co-occurring mental health issues. A reliable treatment center aims to use all treatment possibilities for curing your substance abuse disorder and help you achieve complete recovery.

But what brings the differences between various treatment centers? Let’s look at some of the fantastic amenities you will enjoy while in a dependable treatment center. 

What to expect at Johnny the Healer addiction rehab?

At a glance, only the very best is expecting you at Johnny the Healer. From the breathtaking location to the high-end amenities and innovative therapies, everything happening at Johnny the Healer is a reminder for the reliable treatment facility for addiction that it is.

Nature’s healing properties have been highlighted for decades, and the addiction treatment at our treatment center gets the best out of it. Our patients will be able to enjoy the walks and admire the sun setting in the ocean and the beautiful scenery all around. Recovery comes more comfortably when you feel like on vacation.

High-quality Rehab Amenities

At Johnny The Healer, you will enjoy top-notch amenities during your stay in one of the most trustworthy treatment centers for illegal substance addiction. We provide you with a beautiful room, and our bedding is on par with the best hotels in the world. Organic linen, private room with bathroom, daily access to the Gym, and natural food are also on the list of services provided to the clients.

People struggling with substance abuse disorders are in poor health, and their bodies lack the nutrients needed for recovery. At our drug rehab, patients receive only organic, non-GMO, and raw food. Additionally, the nutritionists in our team teach them about the importance of a healthy diet for drug abuse treatment.

When you are admitted into our treatment facility for illicit substance addiction, we can assure you that you’ll have a great night’s sleep while your body recovers. Our 24/7 medical professionals include clinical director, nursing, therapist, and medical doctors to ensure our clients’ constant wellbeing. The staff-to-patient ratio is small so that a good number of professionals are watching over every patient, ready to provide help, and to guide your drug abuse treatment.

Privacy and security are ensured at all times, as the locations are guarded and have only gated-access. Executives, famous people, and people with high status also struggle with substance use disorders. We also provide treatment possibilities for them, knowing that privacy is essential for their recovery. The environment is fantastic, and every patient has space for living his/her addiction treatment in a personal way.

What are the therapies? What’s the program like in a nutshell?

There are no group or AA meetings but only one-on-one sessions. We believe that there are little to no benefits from group therapy. Patients need to focus exclusively on their substance use disorder and their addiction treatment so that he/she achieves complete recovery. Patients benefit 150 hours of 1-1 care, and we only provide residential treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism. Our firm belief is that one has to take distance from regular life, daily responsibilities, and even family for focusing on his/her recovery. 

Massage, Kundalini Yoga, NAD IV drips, stem cells, juice cleanse, and HBOT therapy sessions are part of the program. The list of therapies available for the patients includes daily amino drips, ozone therapy, regular carbon sauna, and Dead Seas salt bath.

At Johnny The Healer, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for substance use disorders. Our alcohol treatment programs are created to match individual needs. When you enter our alcohol rehab, we’ll assess and create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your core concerns and builds on your strength. Our professionals will look into your medical history and take a look at your background, previous trials for recovery, and make a clear picture of your addiction. We also provide dual-diagnosis for co-occurring mental health conditions, as our team includes experienced psychologists and psychiatrists. With much consideration for your values, personality, and preferences, they will create a customized treatment. The help we provide is going to increase your chance for lifetime recovery.  

Every treatment is customized, with more than 30 hours per week and seven individual therapies every day. Patients also turn to an 80% raw food diet, with a juice cleanse, super shakes, and super-foods.

Our alcohol treatment programs consist of alcohol detox, then followed by alcohol dependency treatment and holistic wellness therapy. It helps us ensure the same treatment care that you would receive in a hospital but with a more beautiful view and a prettier room. You’ll leave our rehab center with a brighter outlook and free from any substances used to weigh down.

The detox and healing will begin at a cellular level so that the brain chemistry is brought to the pre-addicted status. We only use natural substances and methods for the detox to make it easier for our patients. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe, and the detox is gentler on the patients. Plus, the natural remedies don’t lead to other addictions, like chemicals in medial detox treatment do.

The Pouyan Method is fundamental for healing the patients, as it can heal the mind, body, and mind only with natural elements and treatment options. We address all imbalances on a mental, emotional, and physical level, sustaining long-term recovery.

The Pouyan Method

The protocol is 100% natural, and the primary purpose is to heal and repair the brain from all angles so that patients can recover from addiction. When the body is restored and ready, and the immune system is functioning correctly again, the nervous system is reset, coming back to its pre-addiction phase. It’s why the Pouyan Method gives results that last for a lifetime. 

Once the body is detoxed from the stored toxins, the brain’s repairmen begin (neurogenesis). Patients switch to organic, raw, and non-GMO food, and also get AD IV vitamin drips. The natural treatment options give the body the nutrients it needs for completing the treatment program.

Patients will learn how to block negative thoughts, as re-wiring and re-programming of the mind take place. They benefit from meditation, Reiki, massage therapy, floatation therapy, and HBOT therapy, which help them relax. When we’re relaxed, and at peace, we’re more open to receiving positive thoughts for our successful recovery.

Throughout the process, patients also learn how to live a holistic lifestyle once they leave the program. Nutritionists teach our patients about healthy dieting, whereas yogi, life coaches, and alternative medicine practitioners teach them how to handle life’s challenges in a healthy way.

What does the Pouyan Method include

The holistic approach within the efficient rehab center means that methods from traditional medicine, sacred plant medicine, and innovative therapies are used.

Weekly liver panel and blood work, cardiology workup, EKG, ECG tests, and heart checkup, guide the professionals in creating the program for every patient. There are 24-hour nursing care and supervision, and in-house ER doctor watches over the clients taking Ibogaine. They also make sure that only patients with good mental health benefit from sacred plant medicine.

Along with the meditation, YogaYoga, massage, and IV drips, clients may participate in 1-7 ceremonies with Ancient Plant Medicine Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, 5MeoDMT, and Changa. Only the patients approved by the medical professionals will participate in these ceremonies.

It has been known that people with addiction lack healthy dieting, so providing them a healthy diet will ensure the nutrients their bodies need for healing. The fresh organic meals with 90% raw food diet, 100% natural and 100% non-GMO food are part of the treatment.

The phases of the Pouyan Method

Detoxification is the first step to take in any drug addiction treatment center, and this one isn’t an exception. It’s fundamental to eliminate all chemicals, drug residues, pesticides, and heavy metals through an organ cleanses. However, at an exceptional addiction rehabilitation facility, the methods are 100%organic and natural. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant phytonutrients, super-foods, and oxygen are used for this step. Self-harming behaviors are also discontinued, with mind-altering substances, toxic foods, and smoking being excluded from one’s lifestyle. o group therapy is included in the treatment.

Every patient is guided and receives natural remedies for eliminating cravings for nicotine, caffeine, and unhealthy foods. Green coffee enemas, NAD IVs, and other natural treatment options are used for that purpose alone. Detoxification isn’t painful, and the sacred plant medicine eases out the cleansing phase.

Oxygen therapies and stem cell therapies will rebuild the brain cells, reversing the harm done by the toxic thoughts and beliefs.  Patients begin feeling happy and young, noticing better focus and a clear mind for the first time. The methods sustain stem cell production, improving the neurogenesis process, and healing of the brain. It’s the combination of complementary approaches that ensures long time recovery. Super-foods with Omega-3, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and light exercises will also generate new brain cells.

Identifying the deep and real causes of the addiction and eliminating the negative thoughts and beliefs are also essential for healing. The idea that addiction is genetic and patients can never overcome is one of the many reasons for their relapse and failure. Group therapy and standardized treatment program are some of the purposes for which conventional treatment programs don’t give results.

At our luxury rehab center, the physical healing sustains the creation of life-changing habits through meditation, Yoga, scheduled massages, and Reiki. Nothing is arbitrary, and no aspect of your mind, body, and soul is skipped, as the promise for complete recovery is always accomplished.


After leaving our program, recovering patients return to their homes with the knowledge to help them resist temptation and relapse. We offer aftercare appointments and regular contact services for those who need additional assistance outside. Recovery is a long journey, and we’re ready to help whenever our former patients reach us. We build deep and meaningful relationships throughout any treatment program, as every patient’s recovery is essential.

Is an excellent treatment facility for addiction the right choice for you?

A well-known rehab facility might be right for you if you need personalized treatment care. Look for exceptional rehab programs if you want to have a private room and a secured environment while healing from addiction to illegal substances.

If you or a loved one have been struggling with substance abuse and are ready to make a change, we can help. At Johnny the Healer, our goal is to provide you with comfort and a fantastic environment while you undergo treatment, placing you up for long-term recovery. Please give us a call at (310) 601-7805 for more information on our excellent rehab and addiction rehab treatment options.

Addiction Rehab