As stories of many people going back to heroin addiction rehab centers over and over again, find their way to the public arena, many people seeking such treatment are beginning to lose hope. Many that had placed their hope in such rehabilitation centers seem to think that they are doomed to a life of addiction and will never have a sober life again. Fortunately, this tale of hopelessness can be cut short with a visit to The Holistic Sanctuary in California. We have been known to cure heroin addiction cases that have been seen to be hopeless, giving them a chance to live again.

It is a fact that seeking help from heroin addiction treatment rehab centers and failing to recover can bring anyone to the brink of suicide. Therefore, to make sure that you choose the best in the country you need to do your research well. In most cases, your search will lead you to The Holistic Sanctuary, if you are looking for a permanent solution to your heroin addiction. We are the only treatment center that guarantees total healing from whichever addiction; you are facing using Ancient Plant Medicine Healing. If you are looking to get away from rehabilitation centers that use toxic chemicals in form of drugs to assist the body get over addiction, then you are at the right place.

We use pure plant herbs to cure heroin addiction

Natural modalities are the basis of heroin treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary, setting us apart from the rest of the rehabilitation centers around. All our treatment packages, from the shortest which lasts two weeks and the longest ninety days follow the famous Pouyan Method, an innovation of Johnny The Healer. Johnny, the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary believes that use of natural plant medicines is the best way to treat heroin addiction without endangering a person’s health. Ibogaine and Ayahuasca are his plant herbs of choice and are very effective in the curing of addiction to heroin and other problems such as depression and alcoholism. In most cases, the use of these powerful plant herbs result in Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience among other body reactions.

We lead while other heroin addiction treatment centers follow when it comes to holistic care. You no longer have to suffer in silence as a heroin addict because there seems to be no hope for recovery. All you need to do is to sign up at our healing center and begin the journey to a better life. We do not promise that the changes will happen overnight but we can promise that if you stick to the program we have laid out for you, heroin addiction will be a thing of the past pretty soon. You will soon enjoy a life that does not involve shooting heroin to feel good or gain confidence with friends.

Our treatment protocols for heroin addiction are effective

Although plant herbs are the main tools we use for healing heroin addiction, there are a number of protocols that are introduced alongside them for them to be effective. These protocol treatments vary from one package to another with the 90 day exclusive package containing them all. The treatments are done using the highest standard to ensure that your body does not have any toxic substances remaining when we are done. Some of them will repair important components of the body such as your DNA and Mitochondria, while others help detoxify the liver from years of drug ingestion.

At first glance, it may look like the treatment protocols for heroin addicts are intensive and this is usually the case for them to be successful but they are usually administered as per schedule. The treatment offered at The Holistic Sanctuary is personalized which means that we monitor your healing process and customize treatments such as DNA Repair Protocol or Mitochondria Repair Protocol at appropriate times within the program. In some cases, we might delay a treatment method to see how your body reacts and then make changes to ensure that the final results are satisfactory.

Treatment protocols such as the Stem Cell Activation Protocol and Total Liver Detox Protocol ensure that illicit drugs in your body system are totally eliminated and cells that have been affected get a chance to work normally or get replaced if the body deems it necessary. Our determination to see you healed physically and emotionally is the reason we are considered to be one of the Top Heroin Addiction Rehabs In The Country.

Find freedom from heroin addiction today

We top the list of best heroin addiction rehabs because of the quality treatment we offer patients from all over the country and abroad. The location of our facility also plays a big role in helping you get better as you enjoy luxury facilities that resemble that of a high end hotel. Our staffs are trained to treat all our guests well and ensure that the service they receive is top notch. We know that a relaxed mind goes a long way in helping you get better when at The Holistic Sanctuary and help you achieve that using a number of calming activities such as Reiki healing, therapeutic massages, deep salt baths among others. If you love the outdoors, you can go out fishing, boat riding and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean.

Seeking treatment from the best heroin addiction drug rehabs does not always mean that you will never go back. Most do not offer the guarantee that The Holistic Sanctuary offers those that choose to join their program and get the benefits that we have to offer. Our success stories are a testimony that the Pouyan Method developed by Johnny The Healer works and is the only hope for heroin addicts in this area and beyond. You do not have to wait for years to get over heroin addiction or waste time seeking help from traditional rehab centers. Contact us today at the healing center and take the first step towards healing from addiction.