The United States of America, land of the free, and home of the brave, the golden ideal for prosperity and freedom the world over. There is no denying that it’s people are true patriots, more or less behind their government, thankful for the opportunities provided to them. However, more and more in the era of freely available public information, there are certain idiosyncrasies presenting themselves which are bound to make an individual beg the question, what is really going on here? Not the least of these mysteries is why one of the world’s top 10 wealthiest countries barely registers in the top 50 health care systems of the world, and comes in on the list behind several third world countries. There are a complex array of reasons for why this is true, far too many to get into detail about right here, but here are a few examples of how The United States is repeatedly shooting itself in the foot in this regard.

For one there is a severe oversight on the fact of potential benefits in prevention of disease versus treatment after the fact. It is a serious problem when individuals assume there is nothing wrong until the worst possible scenario hits them, and then they begin trying to take action. A perfect example is the issue of heart disease and stroke, nearly 1 in 3 people deaths each year in the US is a result of heart disease and stroke and about 60% of those cases are completely preventable through lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, improving diet, taking more exercise etc. (HeartDisease-Stroke). One would think that for the relatively minimal amount of effort these changes would require, the benefits would be well worth it, so why aren’t people being motivated adequately to do so? Unfortunately a great deal of the problem can be traced back to purely economical motivation. In the United States each year we spend about 3.8 trillion dollars on healthcare and 1 out of every 6 of those dollars is spent treating heart disease through surgeries, medications, and so forth. (annual us healthcare spending hits 3.8 trillion) So that means that heart disease treatments are worth 6.3 billion dollars in revenue each year, when you start tossing around numbers like that, it’s easy to see where greed overtakes general concern for human well-being. Unfortunately this is only the very tip of a colossal iceberg which is threatening our entire country with endemic health care catastrophes the like of which have not been seen in all of recorded history.

Another conflict playing itself out every day in this country is of the interests of large multinational corporations like Monsanto versus the general health and well-being of the American public, if not the world at large. If you have never heard of Monsanto, do not be surprised, for that is precisely the way they want it, chances are that if you have heard of them it was probably under the guise of the amazing technology which promises to feed the world in generations to come. This technology I am referring to is known as GMO or Genetically Modified Organism, the United States’ food industry is now inundated with these products to the point where eating food not in some part composed of GMOs is practically impossible. Why? Because the government has created regulations specifically restricting the labeling of GMO foods, on what grounds?That they do not want to “confuse” the average simple-minded American consumer. But where is the cause for confusion? Well according to the government these GMOs supersede oversight by our regulatory administration, the FDA because their products are “substantially equivalent” to the products which were previously available on the market (Guidance Documents Regulatory Information). In other words because their genetically modified foods (which have had foreign genes shot into them until they have mutated to become tolerant of poisonous pesticides), more or less look and taste the same. But does this mean they are safe? It doesn’t take a scientific researcher to figure out that these foods are by no means safe for human consumption much less substantially equivalent to their predecessors.

Unfortunately, because these studies conflict with the agendas of companies like Monsanto there is very little scientific data available to prove these points outright. However since the beginning of widespread planting and consumption of GMOs and animal products from animals fed with GMOs, there have been explosive rises in a number of health problems including Autism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and food allergies which were previously almost unheard of, and this is only the beginning. If Monsanto had their way, every single commodity crop would be full of their patentable gene-modified formulations, so that every item of food and every crop planted in this country would put another dollar in their pocket. You might say, well this is horrible, how is it that the government is allowing these corporations to exploit us like this? The scariest fact is this, that they are not simply allowing these corporations to exploit you, they are implicit in the planning and execution of the vast majority of these schemes.

Take for example the pharmaceutical industry’s relationship with the FDA, the government office supposedly responsible for the oversight of this industry as well as the safety of it’s consumers. Well unfortunately, in our system as it is currently run, there is a huge revolving door spinning incessantly within the border between what should be two completely separate entities (fda cozy relationship). It used to be that a pharmaceutical company had to go through an extensive process of clinical trials and research before a drug could be patented and put to market. Now, through an extensive series of modifications to regulatory law, such as the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (story073), these companies can simply pay the government to expedite their approval processes and get their drugs to market. The pharmaceutical industry is essentially just one very large “Big Boys Club” where you have to be invited to play, they net over $300 billion dollars a year in profits, a figure which is growing exponentially each year, and over a third of that market is controlled by just the top 10 companies (story073). Again, when you start looking at the numbers, it is almost painfully obvious that money is their motivation, and not the well-being of the general populace.

It would be one thing if all these supposed marvels of technology were doing anything to improve on our failing and antiquated system of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, but all it is doing is exacerbating the problem. Now the motto would look more like, “if it’s broke, fix it as expensively as possible and hopefully it’ll break again so we can fix it all over”. In this era of modern technology iatrogenic fatalities (meaning deaths as a results of medical error) are the third leading cause of death in the United States! Wait a minute, let me get this straight, in the most technologically advanced country in the world we are killing hundreds of people every day for completely avoidable reasons? Surely these are the problems of some early barbaric culture, not the problems of arguably the greatest country in the history of the world. If we spent even half of the money we are spending on healthcare annually on preventative measures rather than providing too little too late, we would see a dramatic decrease in obesity, heart failure, cancer, autism, and practically every form of chronic disease that is crippling our society right now. So why is that not the solution we are seeking? Because that sudden alleviation of burden on our critically failing health systems would lead to huge losses in the profits of the biotech industry and health care at large. You see, at the end of the day, they are more concerned with the financial well-being of their shareholders than they are with the measly health concerns of you and your family.