Using Ibogaine as a cure for drug addiction can be one way to ensure a fast and safe withdrawal without suffering from symptoms, and without needing to use pharmaceutical medicine. If you are considering this treatment, then the Holistic Center can offer you some advice about how to manage your lifestyle after you have taken the Ibogaine. Here are 7 Tips for adjusting to life after Ibogaine Treatment:

Keep up with your positive feelings. It is common to feel positive during the first few days after taking Ibogaine, and if you want to make this treatment successful, you need to ensure that you keep this going by rejecting negative thoughts as they arise.

Keep away from negative influences. It is also easy to fall back in to toxic situations, or meet negative friends after you leave the clinic. Don’t let their negativity rub off on you, and if it comes to it, move away from your current situation into something safer.

Take the time to look after yourself. This is one of the hardest things to do after coming through an addiction, but is worthwhile. Practice meditation, yoga or other mood-lifting exercise routines, and make sure that you sleep well, eat well and drink enough.

Discover your true path. Once you are free of drug addiction, you can take the time to find out about your real self. Learn more about your interests. Take a course or pursue a hobby, and see where it takes you.

Take time for others. Your drug addiction may have left your family and friends feeling rejected or neglected. Now you are in recovery, take time to help others around you. It can help you to feel good, increasing positive feelings.

Practice acceptance of yourself and your surroundings. Only you can accept yourself, which includes being in control of the choices you make. Accept that you are as you are, including all of your past. Then look towards controlling your behavior in the future.

Think about your experiences. During your Ibogaine experience, you will have had hallucinations or visions. When you are away from the clinic, take the time to think about what those visions mean, and how they can be used to motivate you for the future. Your team at the Holistic Center will have given you advice on how to interpret your visions, as well as holistic therapy that will allow you to react to those visions in a positive way.